Monday, 08 August 2022
Suplementary Services For Fixed Line

New Services For Fixed Line

Call Forwarding
To avoid missing phone calls, once you have left home, call forward your fixed landline to another number where you can be contacted, for example, your mobile phone number, paying merely the cost of a call from your fixed landline to your mobile phone number, as per the tariffs in force.

Activate: *21*DESTINATION NUMBER# Deactivate: #21#
Call Waiting
While the client is on another call, this service announces a second incoming telephone call, via a discreet beep. The client may answer the second incoming call, return to the first caller and alternate between the two.

Alternate between calls: 1 press on button "Cardinal"

Activate: *43# Deactivate: #43#
Delayed Hotline
Reach the one you call the most… faster, by simply, lifting your speaker and waiting, without the need to dial the number. Pay only the established cost of a normal phone call.

To activate this service please contact Timor Telecom.

Activate: *53*DESTINATION NUMBER# Deactivate: #53#
Three Way Conference Call
Using this service means that you can contact two friends at the same time! All three can talk and pay no more than the normal cost of the two phone calls made.

- To establish the 2nd call: 1 press on button "Cardinal", after the signal, dial.
- To alternate between calls established: 1 press on button "Cardinal"
- To establish Three-Way conference call: 2 press on button "Cardinal"

Default Dialing
The client may store in his/her phone, the 10 most frequently dialled telephone numbers.
To activate this service please contact Timor Telecom.

- Delete: #51*POSITION#