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Portugal Telecom presents a strategic plan of Timor Telecom
Saturday, 19 September 2009 23:40

Last September, the President of Portugal Telecom, Zeinal Bava, travelled to Dili to present the new strategic plan of Timor Telecom, in order to give more strength in investment in the telecommunications sector in East Timor.

Zeinal Bava said, "This plan defines a new stage and strategy of the company, with the development and implementation of new services, technology solutions, new brand, which reflects the company's commitment to East Timor.

Zeinal explains that PT is the pioneer of TT in investment infrastructure of telecommunications system.

"It is a robust and diverse structure, as an operator actives the Timorese economy, provides access to communications and expands on the basis of customers, which are still 220 thousand and by the end of the year will be 300 thousand," he continues.

To Zeinal, the infrastructure of telecommunications in this country will improve by increasing coverage of mobile and fixed network, expansion of 3G for all urban areas, construction of a submarine cable that will connect East Timor to the rest of the world, opening stores and increased the number of agents. The main goal is to reach 90% of the population will have access to the telephone network in four years.

Meeting with Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão

The President of PT followed by the Managing Director of TT, Manuel Amaro, met with the PM Xanana Gusmão and Minister of Finance, Emilia Pires, to submit the policy of TT in increasing network coverage, network coverage in 13 districts that will reach 90% of the population.

"We join with the PM to talk about the commitments of TT regarding to the expansion of investment in East Timor, improving the coverage of telecommunications network that customers deserve to get," said Zeinal.

According to the PM and Minister Emilia Pires, the policy of creating a law to liberalize the entry of new telecommunications companies aimed not only direct competition with TT, but to answer to customer concerns and requirements for the government to bring new operators.

Zeinal Bava hopes that "after six or nine months, when I return to East Timor, there are already changes and improvements " and "the most important thing is the team is working and PT gives its full support, so in the future TT can improve its image, "he concludes.