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Training program in Timor Telecom
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 00:33
Affixed to a future of quality

Last May proved to be very fruitful regarding to the commercial department. The training, conducted by Odete Fachada Consultants Limited, mainly focused in call centers, stores, on line technical support, commercial street and telemarketing team. And the results are satisfactory.

With the aim of improving services for customer service, the training proved very fruitful and with positive results. Even Crisogno Boavida, Manager of commercial area (call center), says that "the clients, themselves, were surprised about this new service." However, what about the training itself? "Being in Timor is very rewarding," begins to say Rita Correia, one of the trainers, along with the Director Odete Fachada and Sara Crespim. Despite all the difficulties encountered by employees of Timor Telecom, there was an "eager to learn, improve and strive to speak in portuguese," she continues.

The language barrier was overcome by writing and translation into Tetum because "more than 90% of the customers speak Tetum and if we are to teach techniques of service quality and power sales, it must be in language that is spoken more", explains Rita Correia.

"Pride in working for TT"

The training included the presence of TT new and old staff members elements and Doria Araujo, Commercial Network Chief Department, said that employees with more years in the company are willing "to teach what they know" and confesses that she also learned a lot and emphasize the patience of the three trainers. The inference that Rita Correia took out from all trainees was, above all, a "great pride in working for TT and the feeling of having a future. Then they are willing to learn, improve and it's a sort of thing not very common, at least, in Portugal. "But what is the secret for the success?" Our training is a very practical exercise and it is this is our most valuable as a training company, as we do not have any standard training. We always make the whole process, a survey about the products, information and services. Each time we get in a training room, is just like as we enter in a business environment "Rita Correia bails.

Dr. Sara Crespim and students

During training

Dr. Elizabeth façade flanked by students

Dr. Rita Correia and students