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Reinforcing the presence of Timor Telecom within Tennis
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:00
TT is the sponsor for the 2nd consecutive time

Timor Telecom Tennis 2013 starts off today with TT as the official sponsor

Dili, 15 July 2013

Timor Telecom Tennis 2013, which is the most important event of Timor-Leste Tennis Federation, starts off today, and it will be, for the second consecutive time, sponsored by Timor Telecom (TT), the telecommunications operator which drives its know-how and organizational maturity towards an ever closer relationship with each client.

TT sponsors the players’ gear and takes part of the organization of the event, of the definition of the different categories of the competition, the delivery of the awards, the development of a set of promotional actions with its mascots TOKE and SAPO and of the promotion of interactive quizzes on TT’s website.

Timor Telecom Tennis 2013 lasts for two weeks, the opening being predicted for today at 6:30pm, at the tennis court of Melatih (just behind Liceu Dr. Francisco Machado), and the closing for 28 July. Several well-known personalities within this area, several representatives of different sports federations and different members of the diplomatic corps of Timor-Leste were invited to this major sports event.

Being the sports event with the biggest number of registrations, categories and prizes, it includes participants of all age ranges, from juniors to veterans, as well as of all competition levels, from beginners to most experienced people, and also attracting tennis personalities from all over the world, namely from Australia, Cambodia and Portugal.

As a Telecommunications Operator of Landline and Mobile Networks with more than 10 years of history in Timor-Leste, TT has been walking together with all Timorese citizens since 2002, adapting its technology, as a means of development, to the daily life of its more than 600 thousand clients, while promoting communication as a crucial agent for approximation and contact among all in Timor-Leste.