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> What to do before travelling?

Before travelling, you should check some important points, such as:

  • Check if your subscription comprehends roaming service in the country you are travelling to;
    If you are a pre-paid client, you must activate the pre-paid Roaming service.
    If you are a post-paid client, Roaming service is not operational as a default feature. To activate it, you have to pay a $180 bound.
    Check the list of TT partner operators with pre-paid and post-paid roaming services agreements, available on our
  • If you have to change your phone, do it according to the country your are travelling to (there are phones with dual-band, tri-band and quadriband);
  • How much does the roaming service cost (Voice, SMS, MMS, Internet access, etc.)?

You can find this information under coverage or you can call 172* (when in Timor-Leste) or +670 77217200**(from overseas) from your mobile, available 24/7.

*Free of charge.
**Normal charge of a phone call to Timor-Leste according to your Roaming plan.

> Will my phone work in every country?

We recommend you check beforehand if your equipment is compatible with the technology used in the country your are travelling to.

Some countries do not work with the standard technology GSM.

> Once overseas, can I choose a mobile operator manually?

As soon as you turn on your mobile phone, the selection of an operator happens automatically, i.e. your mobile equipment will choose the network with the strongest signal, as long as it has a roaming service agreement with Timor Telecom.

Nevertheless, you can manually select other operator by selecting “network selection” on the menu of your mobile.

> How to make phone calls using Roaming?

Phone calls to Timor-Leste
Dial on your mobile:
+ (or International Access Code *) 670 and the number of mobile phone or landline you want to call.
(*) This code is not the same in every country. However, instead of dialling the international access code, we recommend you simply dial +, as it is a universal access symbol that automatically convertsitself into the respective international access code.

Example: If you are in Indonesia and you want to call Timor Telecom mobile number 7712121, you should dial:
You should dial:
+670 77 12121

Phone calls within the country you are in:
Dial on your mobile:
Network or region code plus the mobile or landline number you want to call.

Example: If you are in Indonesia and you want to call, 3131313, a landline number from Jakarta, you should dial 21 first (Jakarta region code), i.e:
Deverá marcar:
21 3131313

>How to receive phone calls in Roaming?

When you are in Roaming with your TT Card, you can receive phone calls from anywhere in the world.

Whoever wishes to call you should do it as usual.

Phone calls will be forwarded to the country you are in and to the operator you are using, without disclosing your localisation.

Phone calls received will be charged according to your Roaming plan.

> How to deactivate Voice Mail forwarding while in Roaming?

If you are in Roaming, all phone calls forwarded to your voice mail will be charged. Each voice message corresponds to two international calls:

  • The first corresponds to the phone call forwarded from Timor Telecom to the operator of the country you are visiting (phone call received in roaming).
  • The second corresponds to the forwarded call to your VoiceMail (phone call made to Timor-Leste).
In order to avoid these high costs while you are overseas, we recommend you previously cancel VoiceMail forwarding.

Instead, you can call 172* (Timor-Leste) or +670 77217200**(overseas) from your mobile, available 24/7.

*Free of charge.
**Normal charge of a phone call to Timor-Leste according to your Roaming plan.

>What should I do to avoid Roaming when close to the border?

When clients are very close to the border between Timor-Leste and Indonesia, even being in the East-Timorese side of it, Roaming service may activate automatically and one can mistakenly ending up making phone calls using it.

This situation is due to the fact that the Indonesian network may cover some parts of the national territory or due to some particular coverage problem of the national operator.

It is technically impossible to prevent automatic roaming in some specific situations. We therefore recommend clients to be aware of this possibility and take action beforehand in order to avoid it.