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TT Dili and Baucau stores are now equipped with POS
Friday, 28 February 2014 09:00

Improvement of TT Customer Service

Loos 24 Identifying customer service as a strategic priority, Timor Telecom (TT) introduces significant improvements in its distribution network by launching the first POS, operating since today, at its 6 stores in Dili and soon at its 2 stores in Baucau. TT will also implement POS in the stores of every district capital where ATMs may be installed.

Thus, TT clients can make every payment of products or services through the mobile points of sale connected to the banking network of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, BNU Timor, the first bank of Timor-Leste, in operation for more than 100 years.

By diversifying paying modalities in its busiest stores, TT not only offers its clients a more comfortable experience when contacting the operator, but also guarantees better security conditions. Since clients will be making transactions by using a personal code, they no longer need to walk in the store carrying large amounts of money.

With these POS, clients can make payments with the LOOS 24 debit card, BNU Timor card, and also with any card from the VISA network.

TT has been greatly improving the conditions and the channels of contact with clients, namely with the recent restructuring of the Dili Call Center and the modernization of its stores throughout 2013. With the installation of POS, TT makes another big strategic step, improving life quality of all clients who visit TT stores.