Sunday, 21 April 2024
The customer service line

Do you know you can deal with all your TT issues by dialling 172, even without having to talk to an assistant?
Dial 172 and follow the menu below:

1* Special Offers and Campaigns 1.Aiii Beikxa
2. Aiii Beikxa SuperPlus
3. Aiii Beikxa SuperLight
4. Aiii Beikxa Plus
5. Aiii Beikxa Light
2 Balance, Kredit Lai, Pin and PUK 1. Balance and Validade
2. Kredit Lai
3. Pin and PUK
3 Plans 1. Information on Kokonaba
2. Information on Toke Livre
3. Information on VIVA
4. Information on DIAK
5. Information on DIAK LOOS
6. Information on TT amigos
4 Communicating a problem or seeking technical assistance for the Internet You will be put through to an assistant
9 Other issues You will be put through to an assistant

*Available only for a pre-paid customer.