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Timor Telecom’s festival
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 09:00

Thousands of Timorese vibrate with TT Toke Stars

TT Toke Star

More than 3.000 people attended TT TOKE STARS, the festival Timor Telecom organized together with the Ministry of Tourism and Diocese Dili, Sunday, June 14.

The capital’s Convention Centre was full to watch the cultural show TT offered with the presence of the main Timorese bands as well as some of the country’s greatest musical promises.

Besides being able to purchase other Timor Telecom’s products, the audience received a TT bandana and a Dellos drink, one of the partners Timor Telecom chose for the event: the others were the Casa Vida project, and Colgate, who distributed hygiene kits.

To understand the scale of the event, TT TOKE STARS had more than 100 artists performing at the DCC and more than 200 people in the organization, starting with Macar’s staff, responsible for the sound system and lighting on stage, and No Limit’s, which held extreme sport activities that many people practiced for the first time.

The show began with a performance of Zumba Dili, which saw the participation of dozens of people, something also seen when MAC-Capoeira took the stage.

Musical diversification was another aim reached: João Rocha and Gilda Rocha brought a hint of Portuguese to the festival. The same happened in the performances of Magzad and Dejukddil Putri Band, the Timorese girls’ band that gave a special color to TT Toke Stars.

Two of Timor-Leste’s musical promises, Ventura and Frengky had the support of Kraken, and later, when it was already night, Klamar and Galaxy arose in DCC with the fervent support of the many fans that the two bands of Los Palos have.

The concert ended with a great performance of 5 do Oriente, who came down from the stage and, together with some elements of other bands, embraced the public in a final dance to the sound of “Hadomi Timor”, the perfect end to this great TT event.