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Internet Speed

Altering the bandwidth (QoS – Quality of Service) for internet access

1. What is this new functionality for?

The new functionality allows the user to change the bandwidth (speed) on the network, in other words, all mobile internet service users (except the plans that charge internet/data usage by the minute), can choose the maximum limit of the download and upload speed of their data connection at will.
Please be aware that the internet access might not reach the speed that is chosen by the client since it depends on the terminal (smartphone, 3G dongle, Router, etc) that the client has, the network coverage in the client’s area, and other external factors of the global internet.

2. What are the advantages of this new functionality?

Clients will be able to choose, according to their internet/data usage needs, what the bandwidth (speed) in a way that will allow them to optimize the consumption of their data allowances (internet packages, social media, Happys, BeikXas, Bonus Plus, etc);

3. What are the bandwidths (download and upload) that are available?

  • Up to 32 Kbps
  • Up to 64 Kbps
  • Up to 128 Kbps
  • Up to 256 Kbps
  • Up to 512 Kbps
  • Up to 1 Mbps
  • Up to 2 Mbps
  • Up to 5 Mbps
  • Up to 10 Mbps
  • Unlimited (up to the maximum speed allowed by the established connection)

4. What are the plans that are able to change the bandwidth?

  • Pre-paid plans with exception to the plans that charge internet/data usage by the minute.
  • Post-paid plans.

5. Are there any costs incurred with the alterations?

  • For pre-paid plans the alterations are free of cost.
  • For post-paid plans the alterations are free of cost.

6. How do you alter the bandwidth?

There are four ways you can change your bandwidth:

  • By sending an SMS message with the pattern (keyword) XY to the shortcode 8302. Where X represents the bandwidth value and Y represents K or M. For example “512K” or “1M”. If the client wishes to have an unlimited bandwidth (maximum speed allowed by the network) then the pattern (keyword) is “MAX”.
  • By dialing *#103*3*3# with the option ”Change Bandwidth” and choosing the desired bandwidth. This is only available to pre-paid clients.
  • Submitting a request to the Call Centre (dial 172), who will change the bandwidth via NGIN Customer Care.
  • Visiting a Timor Telecom store

7. How do I know if my bandwidth has been altered?

The client will receive the following notification when a successful bandwidth change via SMS, USSD or NGIN CC is done:

“Your bandwidth for internet has been changed up to 10M”

In case the client chooses the maximum bandwidth, the following message will be sent to the client:

“Your bandwidth for internet has been changed to a possible maximum bandwidth”

8. How can I check my current bandwidth?

There are two ways that he client can check the current bandwidth:

  • Via SMS, by sending “BIT” to 8302
  • Dialing the USSD code for bandwidth change, *#103*3*3#.

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