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Package Net NonStop

With Net Nonstop packages you can use the unlimited access to internet during the validity time of the packages, with a speed access limited and dependent of the type of subscribed package.


Packages Net NonStop Plafond InternetPriceValidityFormat of subscription via SMS to 8302 (R for automatic renovation)Format Check Validity via SMS to 8302
(high speed access)
Unlimited $1,50 24 Hours NNSPLR CVNNSPL
Unlimited $9 7 Days NNSPSR CVNNSPS
Unlimited $30 30 Days NNSPFR CVNNSPF
(medium speed access)
Unlimited $0,25 2 Hours NNS2H CVNNS2H
Ilimitadu $0,50 6 Hours NNS6H CVNNS6H
Unlimited $0,75 24 Hours NNSLR CVNNSL
Unlimited $5 7 Days NNSSR CVNNSS
Unlimited $20 30 Days NNSFR CVNNSF
(reduced speed access)
Unlimited $0,25 24 Hours NNSBLR CVNNSBL
Unlimited $1,50 7 Days NNSBSR CVNNSBS
Unlimited $5 30 Days NNSBFR CVNNSBF

For customers who activate the Net NonStop promotions, with automatic renewal, when they reach their validity, the following happens:

  • Its validity is automatically extended if and when the customer has enough balance on his SIMcard.
  • If the balance is not enough to renew, the promotion will be suspended and the renewal will take place automatically as soon as the balance allows it, but there is the advantage that, in the meantime, they can enjoy a promotional rate of $0.004/MiB.

Methods to subscribe:
1) Via SMS
  • With the mode automatic renovation: Send a SMS with [Subscription Format] to 8302 (Ex.: NNSLR or NNSFR to 8302)
  • Without mode automatic renovation: Send a SMS with [Subscription Format] to 8302 (Ex.: NNSL or NNSF to 8302)
2) Through portal TT Live
3) Dial on the phone *#102*4*2*3#
4) Call to 172
5) Visit a TT store

How to check the validity of your Package:
1) Via SMS (just like the information from the SMS that you received with the confirmation of the subscription or renovation of the service)
  • Send a SMS with [Format of Check the Validity] to 8302 (Ex.: CVNNSL or CVNNSF to 8302)
2) Through portal TT Live
3) Call to 172
4) Visit a TT store

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