Tuesday, 29 November 2022
TT Diak Plan

Plan TT Diak – The plan that I like! Ideal for me and all of my friends, colleagues and family!

The plan TT Diak offers you, 3 in 3 days: Calls and SMS (to any number of TT DIAK community) and unlimited Internet, for just $0,70.

The benefit always renews, automatically, each 3 days, since and right after you have enough balance (0,70 USD) and is valid until 24h of the third day after subscribing to the plan and/or the renew of the benefit.

Any TT pre-paid client (and not only students) can change to the TT Diak plan.


Tipe of Comunication/ Destination
Prices (USD)
Bonus (Cost 0,70 USD and is valid until 24h of the 3rd day)
Outside period with bonus
Calls (min) Numbers TT DIAK FREE 0,07
Other TT Numbers 0,01 0,14
Other National Networks 0,085 0,17
SMS Numbers TT DIAK FREE 0,05
Other National Numbers 0,01 0,05
Internet MB FREE 0,01

- After subscribe TT Diak plan or after each renovation, until 00am of the 3rd day, all the communications between numbers from TT DIAK plan and the access to internet, are unlimited but there’s no guarantee for the maximum speed of the internet debit.

- Meanwhile TT DIAK like others pre-paid plans (VIVA or LIVRE) also can use all Promotional Campaigns to calls, SMS and internet, included internet packages with maximum speed, after subscription, they are consumed, priorities, always for benefit of the client satisfaction.

- The charging block of voice call, when applicable, it’s per second since the first second.

- The data, are charged by KB since the first KB.

- To always use the bonifications of the plan you have to or try to have, at least, by the time of each renovation of the validity, each 3 days, the main balance has to be minimum 0,70 USD, in your card.

How to subscribe to TT Diak Plan?

To subscribe to this plan, just choose one of these subscription methods:

  • Send a SMS with the text “TTDIAK” to number 8302
  • Access to site TTLive.tl (free) and follow the “basic services” menu
  • Dial *#102# and follow the menu
  • Go to one of the Timor Telecom store
  • Call number 172

The migration to the plan TT DIAK is for free, just like any other migration between pre-paid plans (to VIVA or TOKE LIVRE) since you haven’t done 2 migrations at the current month, otherwise, from the 3rd migration, included, on the same month, will be charged 0,50 USD for each migration that you make.

Meanwhile as the TT DIAK plan has association, automatically, the benefit of calls and SMS to TT DIAK are free, and the unlimited internet during 3 days, the price is 0,70 USD, you can only migrate to TT DIAK if your main balance is the same of more than 0,70 USD, or 1,20 USD ( in case of you already have made 2 plans migrations in the current month), to just start using the benefits of the plan.

After subscribe to TT DIAK you can, atu any time, check the validity of the DIAK benefit to remind/ confirm what is duration and the date of the next renovation of the benefit. For that you just:

  • Send a SMS with the text “DIAK” to the number 8302
  • Dial *#102# and follow the menu

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